Publications…an incomplete list

Academic journals & chapters (history) Academic journals & chapters (history) Cullen, Stephen M.: Jews in the Communist Party of Great Britain : perceptions of ethnicity and class, A vanished ideology : essays on the Jewish communist movement in the English-speaking world in the twentieth century / edited by Matthew B. Hoffman, Henry F. Srebrnik, Albany: SUNY Press,Continue reading “Publications…an incomplete list”

New July publication by Allotment Hut

As part of my self-publicising , self-publishing programme, I am producing some of my past writing that appeared in now defunct magazines. In particular, some of the 70 odd poems that I published in various small poetry magazines, those most ephemeral of publications. The first of these can be found in a series of poemsContinue reading “New July publication by Allotment Hut”

The Cold War: A Fading Memory

Not long after the end of Soviet Communism in Europe, the academic publication, Journal of Contemporary History (JCH), asked itself what constituted ‘contemporary’ history? Hitherto, the JCH had focused on the period between 1900-1945, particularly on inter-war questions. The JCH decided that as Europe had moved into a post-Soviet age, so it was time forContinue reading “The Cold War: A Fading Memory”